Mr. Whiskers, the vocal and lovable dog of Charles and Rachael Schading, passed away in 2017 but his indelible spirit lives on. 

A miniature dachshund with an oversized ego, Mr. Whiskers was a protective and comforting soul. He welcomed the Schadings' children with open paws as each of them came into the world, and he never failed to be at their sides when they needed him most. 

Mr. Whiskers hated doorbells and barked whenever a character on a TV show would ring one, which was curious as the Schadings never had a doorbell during the dog’s life. Legend has it that he barked through every episode of Lost throughout the TV series’ long run, including the controversial finale, and every episode of the Walking Dead that aired during his lifetime. He also enjoyed barking through family meals.
Most of the time, though, Mr. Whiskers liked nothing better than a cozy spot in a warm bed, a squirrel to chase around the yard and a mailman to bark at through the window. And he loved cheese. Lordy, did that dog love cheese.

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