Article Lookup Service

The News-Gazette Library, while not open to the public, does offer a fee-based research service designed to provide businesses and individuals with research of articles from the newspaper's files.

Whether you're looking for a general topic or specific story, we can help-- Instead of plowing through years of microfilm -- or going without -- use The News-Gazette's Library by calling (217) 351-5228.

SEARCH FEES: These fees cover the cost of searching for the articles you request. They apply to all searches. 

Type of searchFee
General search for articles from August 1994-present

$5 per topic

General search for articles before August 1994
(minimum $10)
Professional research (Attorneys, insurance agents and detectives; includes notarized affidavit of authenticity)$100/hour
(minimum $100)

COPY/SENDING FEES: These fees cover the cost of copying and sending the articles from your search. You may choose what you want copies of and how you want it sent.

Articles printed out from database (articles 1995-present)$1 per article
Copies of clipped articles (articles before 1995)$1.50 per article
Citation list (list of up to 40 articles, including dates)$2
Fax charges

$2 first page;
$1 each additional page
Mail charges
In U.S., $2;
Outside U.S. $5
Federal Express fee (Letter Packet)$15 each

For questions, e-mail us at

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