Self Service Subscription System

Self-Service Subscription System

After logging into the Self-Service page, your screen will show a page where you can “Update Your Address”. This is the default homepage when logging in. Directly below the News Gazette heading are 5 choices: Manage Subscription, Update Information, Update Address, Make a Payment, and Enter a Complaint. Below are detailed descriptions of the functions these tabs have and how to use them.

Manage Subscription:

This tab will show you the subscriptions you have with us. On this tab you will be able to put in a vacation stop, view your account numbers, and cancel your subscription. The main function of this page will be entering your vacation stops. You can do this by selecting “Start/Stop”. This will show you the current status of your account(s) and an option to change that status. Your options for changing your status are:

            Inactive – This will stop your subscription.

            Vacation/Stopped - This will stop your newspaper deliveries for your preferred dates. Your expiration date will be extended for the duration of your stop.

            Vacation/Held – This will stop your deliveries for your preferred dates. Your carrier will hold your newspaper for the duration of your stop and deliver them on your resume date. This is available for carrier delivered areas only.

            Vacation/Forward – This function allows you to have your newspapers delivered to an alternate location for an extended amount of time. If you are interested in using this feature please contact or 217-393-8295.

***When using these features:

            You may NOT enter a stop for Mondays. We do not publish a newspaper on Monday therefore your carrier and our systems will not recognize your stop.

            Postal subscribers cannot enter a stop on SUNDAY or MONDAY. Our systems will not recognize your stop and your newspapers will continue to be delivered.

            You must enter your stop/hold before 12 pm a day prior to your stop date. If your stop is on a weekend you must enter it before 12 pm on Friday.


Update Information:

This tab allows you to update your phone number, email address, password, and other personal information. You can simply enter your new information and select “Save Changes”.

***When changing your password:

            Your new password will not be displayed upon initial entry. Input your new password and select “Save Changes”. On the lower portion of the boxed area, your new and old password will be displayed. If this is incorrect, you may simply re-do this process by selecting “Update Information” and follow the same process.

Update Address:

This tab is very similar to “Update Information” however is solely pertains to your delivery address. You may change the information here by entering the change and selecting “Save Changes”

***Mailing Address

            The mailing address below the required fields should NOT be altered. These fields will change your delivery address as well. If you have a different billing address contact 217-393-8295 or

Make a Payment:

This tab allows you to make a single payment. You can select which account you would like to pay for under the word “Publication”. If your payment is bundled you will only be able to pay both subscriptions at a time. The rates provided will reflect this. If you would like to pay them separately contact 217-393-8295 or

***When using these features:

            You must enter your amount you’d like to pay, separate carrier tip (if you would like), and your card type prior to entering your card information.

            When you are ready to enter your card information you must select “Remove Credit Card Information”. This selection will then change to “Enter Credit Card Information”. Once you select that you will be taken to a separate secured site to enter your information. Upon entering and completing that information there will be a selection to “Return to Circpro”. This will take you back to the self-service page.

            If you would like to sign up for automatic payments or need to update your credit card information for automatic payments, please contact 217-393-8295 or

Enter A Complaint:

This tab allows you to report a complaint about your newspaper delivery. There is a list of pre-written complaints for you to select from.

***When using this:

            You may only enter complaints for your print subscription.

Do NOT enter multiple complaints for the same delivery.

            Please select the coordinating date to your delivery complaint. You may do this below the complaint type where you are prompted to select the issue date.

            Postal subscribers should only use the last two selections “Postal Missed Delivery – Credit Issued” and “Postal Missed Delivery – Replacement”. You can specify what day you have missed by selecting the date below the complaint type selection labeled “Issue Date”.

            For complaint selections that include “(Mon – Sat)”, this does not mean this complaint exclusively applies to all days, Monday through Saturday. It means this issue has occurred on a day other than Sunday.

            Complaints for carrier redeliveries must be entered by 9:30am to ensure same day redelivery. After 9:30am, complaint newspapers will be delivered with the next available publication day newspaper.

            Complaints for postal redeliveries are sent through the general postal system. Expect your replacements to arrive in 2-5 days.


You are able to logout of this website on every page and tab available. You can locate this in the main, center box beside the selections “Save Changes” and “Undo All”. You will also be prompted to logout after saving any changes you have made.


Q: I am asked to enter my phone number when trying to save an unrelated change, but there I can’t find a box to add it. How do I solve this?

A: When this occurs, you will want to navigate to the “Update Information” section of our website (second tab from the left ). This will have several boxes listed “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Phone”, “Email”, and “Password.” You will need to first enter your phone number and save this change. This is will also save the change you were attempting to make before you were prompted to enter your phone number. There will be a message displaying the change that you have just saved.