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Brandon Peters

Michigan quarterback Brandon Peters (18) throws against Nebraska in 2018.


Heard you on radio saying the quarterback on Michigan might have a place in Rod Harris’s offense — as odd as that might sound. What exactly do you mean? Isn’t he a dropback QB with little ability to run.


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Reilly O'Toole (4) is tripped up by Minnesota linebacker Jack Lynn at Memorial Stadium in Champaign on Oct. 25, 2014.

Yes, Brandon Peters is a drop-back quarterback. But that doesn’t mean he can’t run some. Bill Cubit made great use of Reilly O’Toole as a runner even though Reilly wasn’t the speediest guy.

Rod Smith wants a diverse offense. He wants the opposing defenses to have to worry about multiple situations. The more spread out the defense is in terms of its game plan and strategy, the better it helps the Illini.

I also think Rod Smith is open to using multiple quarterbacks if that’s what it will take to make the offense work best.

To their credit, the coaches are open to playing the quarterback or quarterbacks who give them the best chance to win.

Also, I think Illinois will wait as long as possible to name a starter.

There is no reason in their minds to give the early opponents a chance to prepare for one style or the other. If I’m the Akron staff, I have no idea what direction Illinois is going offensively.

Hope that all makes sense. Feel free to ask me any followups you have.