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UI jersey2

Trent Frazier and the new threads

The new home white uniforms revealed by Illinois on Wednesday afternoon aren’t a significant departure from what the Illini wore during the 2018-19 season. The big change a year ago, of course, was getting rid of the zig-zag pattern that ran the entire length of the jersey and shorts.

UI jersey

The new look for 2019-20 still has a few new twists. A breakdown for the uniform wonks in the Illini fan base:

— The “ILLINOIS” emblazoned across the front of the jersey is now a solid orange after being a two-tone look (orange and blue) last season.

— The player names on the back of the jerseys are also orange after being blue in 2018-19.

— The numbers on the new home jerseys have also changed from blue with an orange outline last season to solid orange with no outline this year.

— There is now a solid blue collar for the jersey after they didn’t have that feature last season.

— The stripes up the side of the shorts and jersey have the same blue-orange-blue pattern, but the orange stripe appears to be more prominent in this iteration.

Now that those mostly minor changes are out of the way, how about a breakdown of how Illinois has fared wearing its different uniform options? A 26-39 record in two seasons under Brad Underwood, of course, leads to several of those options yielding poor results (one in particular).

2018-19 season

Home whites: 6-8

Road blues: 1-6

Orange alternates: 3-3

Orange throwbacks: 2-4

2017-18 season

Home whites: 4-3

Road blues: 0-7

Orange alternates: 4-5

Gray alternates: 3-0

White throwbacks: 3-3