Alayna Stalter
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ALAYNA STALTER captured three Class 1A state medals in the 100-meter hurdles and now stars at Murray State, placing 12th in that event at the 2019 Ohio Valley outdoor meet. The Fisher grad checks in:

How would you describe your first college track and field season?

It was awesome. It’s been a great experience, and I love it here. It’s definitely more than I thought it would be. The training is very, very rough, but it gets you where you need to be, and I’ve come such a far way. It’s done amazing things for me.

What was it like going from the small Fisher community to a D-I school?

It was a lot of getting used to ... having a big team and not having (only) two to five other girls on the team with me. It was a pretty big change, but it was amazing. I had travel track during the summer (in high school), so those were bigger teams. So it’s not as much of a big shock as it could’ve been.

What do you remember from your first college race, at the 2019 Vanderbilt Opener?

Usually for a first meet I’m super nervous thinking about everything, but I was calm up until I got on the line. And then all the nerves hit me. It was like, ‘Oh, my goodness, this is my first college race. Is it going to be super different? Is it not?’ It was the same, of course, but just the atmosphere of people warming up made me calm because we were all focused and determined for the same goal.

Have you made any close friends within the track and field program?

My roommate, Gabby Kennedy, she’s a pole vaulter on the team and we’ve gotten really, really close. ... Rachel Hagans, she’s a sprinter along with me. ... She’s like my little practice partner. And then I have Morgan Vosler, she’s a cross-country runner, and we became really, really close friends. And then Brooke Misukonis, which she’s actually from Bloomington, Illinois. I actually saw her at some meets, but I guess I never recognized her because we never knew each other until here.

What was it like competing at the Ohio Valley Conference Outdoor Championships, setting a personal best in the 100 hurdles (14.97 seconds)?

It was very humbling and very exciting for me, for sure. ... I’m definitely upset about my start because I messed up a little bit on my start. But it was one of my better races, for sure, after I had gotten up from my start. It was just smooth, and everything just started flowing. And that’s something I’ve really gotten since I’ve gotten in college: My race ... it just flows now, and it feels so nice when I’m running, and it doesn’t feel like I have to think anymore while I’m running. I just do it.


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