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Illinois fans storm Memorial Field after the Illini knocked off the sixth-ranked Badgers on Saturday afternoon.

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Lovie Smith's Illini were in desperate need of a signature win coming into Saturday's homecoming game against No. 6 Wisconsin. How about the largest upset of the college football season?

On a game-winning field goal from James McCourt, Illinois picked up its biggest home win in decades — maybe ever — with a 24-23 victory over the previously unbeaten Badgers and far and above the best victory of Smith's tenure leading Illinois.

Predictably, social media blew up like a powder keg with Illini fans of all generations celebrating the victory.

Several former players, including a few legends, made sure to give a shout-out to the program for the achievement.

The smack talk started almost immediately, as Illini fans were finally given something to brag about in a season that had been missing a conference win. Memorial Stadium even blared Wisconsin's signature "Jump Around" song to celebrate in the aftermath.

Expect the party to go deep into the night, just probably not for any Badgers fans who had come to town and were looking to rub things in after the game.