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Perhaps the second-biggest reason our sports-enthusiast readers phone in to The News-Gazette — beyond something to do with our actual coverage — is to ask a question about an event’s television status.

Admittedly, it can be confusing trying to find a Chicago Cubs game or a college football contest across the multitude of different options through which they can appear these days.

One thing that typically isn’t too tough to track down is anything aired in affiliation with the IHSA — state football and basketball games, mainly.

Fans should note they’ll be looking for a new channel for those showcases starting this upcoming school year.

Last week, the IHSA announced a partnership with Quincy Media Inc., concluding a run with NBC Sports Chicago in the process.

The impetus for this, according to IHSA executive director Craig Anderson: “Quincy Media group having their footprint in some other regions that we believed, working with NBC Sports Chicago, (we) had kind of failed to be able to get coverage in those areas (was important).”

For folks in the Champaign and Springfield areas, IHSA state coverage — in addition to the Football Playoff Pairing Show — now will be found on the CBS station WCIX.

Quincy Media Inc. boasts over-the-air stations in Harrisburg, Quincy, Peoria and Rockford, hitting on Anderson’s main reason for this switch.

As far as what this means for television viewers beyond simply changing the channel, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

“It’s our understanding they’ll find it in maybe a more convenient location than maybe they’ve been able to find it before,” Anderson said. “We’ll obviously be putting together, making it available on our website, what stations folks will find the games.”

Next up for the IHSA: finalizing their proposed/new postseason football and state basketball formats.

Prep Sports Coordinator

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