The best female hurdler in the state of Illinois nearly didn’t hurdle.

For Salt Fork senior Jenny Kimbro, the indecision she felt her freshman year is almost unimaginable looking back. But during the fall of that year, she contemplated playing softball instead of running track.

"It’s weird to think about not doing track," Kimbro said. "It would have been so different to do softball. Track is such a huge part of my life now that it’s kind of weird."

Unlike many elite athletes today, though, Kimbro hasn’t fretted over reducing the number of sports she plays. Rather, she wants to play them all.

Kimbro, who locked up a track scholarship to Iowa over the winter, decided to run track that spring, but she didn’t quit softball. She still played for a club team each summer. She also plays volleyball in the fall and basketball, in which she was an All-Area first-teamer, in the winter.

"I never really considered (specializing)," she said. "I couldn’t really imagine not getting to play (all four)."

Most of the area’s top athletes don’t play a different sport every season, with the gravitation of specialization pulling many athletes who strive to earn scholarships away from secondary and tertiary sports.

Tuscola’s Nick Bates felt that pull. Club baseball and AAU basketball teams beckoned. Football camps and training took up plenty of his time in the summer.

But it wasn’t enough to pry him from playing all three sports. After earning first-team All-Area honors each season last year, he’s trying track this spring.

"Could (specialization) have been good exposure?" Bates said. "Yeah, maybe ... but I didn’t want to miss other sports."

At a school with just 299 students, Bates knows that each team needs its top athletes.

"I love all of the sports I do," said Bates, who is choosing between an offer from the Air Force Academy football team and a tentative preferred walk-on spot at Illinois.

"I’ve been playing all of them since I was little, so I couldn’t really imagine giving any of them up," Bates continued. "Coming from a small town, there’s a lot of guys that are multi-sport athletes. With not a lot of people in your school, it’s kind of a thing that you need."

While several of the area’s top football prospects, including Bates, Champaign Central’s Luke Beesley, Monticello’s Brandon Wildman, St. Joseph-Ogden’s Jake Pence and Mahomet-Seymour’s Tom Kenney, play three sports, no members of this year’s All-Area boys’ basketball first team played three sports.

Bates understands the desire to specialize for Division I basketball prospects, even though he doesn’t feel the desire himself.

"With basketball, especially, if you want to get out there, you’ve got to play AAU," Bates said. "At a point, maybe if you’re a top prospect and you know that’s what you want to do, maybe specializing, or at least spending more time working on that, isn’t necessarily the wrong thing.

"It probably varies from case to case. I know in my case, I didn’t want to specialize and wanted to work on all three and manage my time."

Central junior Beesley started basketball season late after a state semifinal football run. During the ongoing baseball season, he’s had to miss practices for college visits to Illinois State, Louisville, Northern Illinois and Illinois.

"The coaches have been really flexible with that," said Beesley, who received an offer from the Naval Academy last month. "They understand the recruiting process and having to go to these schools to get seen. During the summer, you have to miss a lot.

"It does get overwhelming at some points, coming back to baseball after missing practice and feeling like you should’ve been there. It doesn’t feel good to miss a practice, but it’s for a good cause, and Coach (Kerry Rodeffer) understands that."

Beesley cut one sport this year. After qualifying for state as part of the Maroons’ 400-meter relay team last season, he decided not to run track in order to focus on full-time varsity baseball in the spring. But spending a season devoid of a high school sport was never in his plans.

"If I trained for football all the time," he said, "I’d be working out the same muscles every day. Working for two other different sports has helped me avoid injury, to avoid constant contact on the same muscles."

While Kimbro will only ply her trade during track season a year from now, she doesn’t think playing three other sports has slowed her down one bit.

"I think it helps," she said. "For basketball, you get in good shape. You’re running and you’re jumping and working on reflexes and stuff. That can only help with track, and to have basketball season before track to have to stay in shape.

"Besides just staying in shape, it’s just a totally different game, so you just get to have totally different experiences. Basketball is more of a team sport."

Sitting in the locker room after Salt Fork girls’ basketball’s regional-final loss to Cissna Park earlier this year, thoughts of finality ran through Kimbro’s head.

Her prep athletic career isn’t over, but her days as a multi-sport athlete are.

"It’s so weird to think that you’ve been playing this for eight years, and you’re never going to play another game," Kimbro said. "It’s been sad."

Bates’ competitive sports schedule in the next academic  year will be restricted to college football fields. Still, he considers his time on the basketball court and the baseball diamond well worth the extra work.

"To someone who’s not sure whether to play multiple sports or not, I’d definitely recommend playing as many sports as you can and not specializing as early," Bates said. "The experience, it’ll help you become a better athlete, you’ll be on multiple teams, you’ll develop that sense of bonding. Sports are fun, so go out."

Busiest of the bunch

Three-sport high school athletes aren’t necessarily a thing of the past in The News-Gazette coverage area. A look at those suiting up during the fall, winter and spring in any of the area’s 14 prep sports:

Arcola Purple Riders

Sam Crane, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Alec Downs, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Ryann Fishel, Jr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Maggie Fulton, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Victor Gonzalez, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Morgan Hobgood, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Kauryn Karmazinas, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB, TF)

Camille Klopfleisch, So. (VB, BKB, TF)

Blake Lindenmeyer, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Javi Leal, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jasie Nacke, Jr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Myles Roberts, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Sydnee Shafer, So. (VB, BKB, SB)

Faith Spelman, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Jack Spencer, Jr. (FB, CHEER, TF)

Clayton Strader, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Conner Strader, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Argenta-Oreana Bombers

Kyle Finke, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Kendall Gibson, Sr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Parker Haltom, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Meggan Manning, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Camilyn Newbanks, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Skyler Peterson, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Brody Ulrey, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Daisy Whitaker, So. (XC, BKB, TF)

Armstrong-Potomac Trojans

Destiny Fitzsimmons, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Ashley Gayheart, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Madi Gayheart, So. (VB, BKB, SB)

Hayley Hambleton, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Holley Hambleton, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Caleb Larkin, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Kayla Roe, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Makenzie Vinson, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Bismarck-Henning Blue Devils

Lindsey Andrews, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Alyssa Bell, Jr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Mai Lin Davis, (SOC, VB, BKB, SB)

Jared Dazey, So. (SOC BKB, BASE)

John Dulin, Sr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Allison Duncan, Jr. (XC, BKB, TF)

Hunter Edwards, Fr. (SOC, BKB, SB)

Wade Edwards, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Wyatt Edwards, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Grace Harris, (SOC, VB, BKB, SB)

Hailey Johnson, (SOC, VB, BKB, SB)

Hunter Keith, So. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Travis Lappin, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Lynsey McCord, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Nate Moreman, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE, TF)

Annie Nelson, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Ella Nelson, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Chase Rademacher, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Blake Reifsteck, Jr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Thomas Savage, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)  

Dylan Smith, So. (XC, WRE, TF)

Kylee Watkins, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Connor Watson, Jr. (FB, SOC, BKB, TF)

Carsen White, Fr. (FB, SOC, BKB, TF)

Griffin Winkler, Fr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Blue Ridge Knights

Nick Becker, Fr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Hannah Brackenhoff, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Elizabeth Bowns, So. (VB, BKB, TF)

Cassidy Burris, Fr. (VB, CHEER, CHEER)

Jack Clancy, Sr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Sam Duggins, So. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Calvin Florey, Sr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Jessica Gilbert, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Josie Grammer, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Thomas Hardesty, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Dane Houser, Fr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Trey Jamison, So. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Cory Jayne, Sr. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Alec Lyle, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Keegan Lyle, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Sydney Nichols, So. (CHEER, CHEER, TF)

Polly Reynolds, Fr. (VB, CHEER, TF)

Anne Rutledge, So. (CHEER, BKB, TF)

Megan Schumacher, Fr. (VB, CHEER, TF)

Clay Stephens, Fr. (SOC, GLF, BKB, BASE)

Natalie Tharp, So. (BKB, SB, TF)

Brian Voyles, So. (GLF, BKB, TF)

Jessie Wanserski, Fr. (VB, SB, TF)

Austin Winemiller, So. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Tanja Zawadil, Sr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Centennial Chargers

Quintin Arrasmith, So. (FB, WRE, TF)

Elijah Cannon, So. (FB, WRE, TF)

Matt Davis, Sr. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Tayvion Davis, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

David Ko, Sr. (GLF, SWIM, TEN)

Michael Lee, Fr. (XC, SWIM, TF)

Anndra McCoy, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Claire Sherrick, Fr. (GLF, CHEER, SOC)

Joe Stilger, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jordan Williams, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Cerro Gordo/Bement Broncos

Aaliyah Ballard, So. (VB, CHEER, SB)

Luke Brewer, Fr. (XC, BKB, TF)

Austen Brown, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Frankie Foran, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Hannah Foran, So. (VB, BKB, TF)

Matt Guffey, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jake Hayes, Fr. (BKB, TF, BASE)

Noah Henricks, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF, BASE)

Brant Knowles, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jared Mann, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Wes McDermith, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Levi Neaveill, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Erin Reed, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Maddie Sarver, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Ryan Stoerger, Fr. (XC, BKB, TF)

Abby Trott, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Jon West, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Will Wittmer, So. (XC, BKB, TF)

Brandi VanMatre, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Champaign Central Maroons

Jake Beesley, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Bradley Dee, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Fess Hawkins, So. (VB, BKB, TF)

Karsen Luesse, So. (CHEER, SWIM, SB)

Carlota Menendez (GLF, DAN, SB)

Trystyn Schoonover, Sr. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Desirae Shirley, Sr. (CHEER, XC, TF)

Jessica Wagner, Sr. (TEN, BKB, TF)

Clinton Maroons

Olivia Benton, Fr. (XC, SWIM, TF)

Isaac Fabris, Jr. (XC, TF, SWIM)

Madison Filkin, So. (VB, BKB, TF)

JT Harrold, Jr. (XC, TF, SWIM)

Jacob Overton, Sr. (FB, BKB, BB)

Luke Shobe, So. (FB, WRE, TF)

Julia Sterr, Jr. (XC, TF, SWIM)

Collin Underwood, So. (FB, BKB, TF, SWIM)

Tori Wilson, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Mason Witzke, Sr. (XC, TF, SWIM)

Tanner White, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Georgetown-Ridge Farm Buffaloes

Dustin Campbell, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Rece Doggett, Sr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Austin Hinchman, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Mary Key, Jr. (VB, BKB, TF, CHEER)

Landon Noggle, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley Falcons

Key-Shawn Girkin, Sr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Zach Johnson, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Julia McGuire, Sr. (FB, BKB, CHEER, TF)

Katy Neal, Sr. (TEN, DAN, TF)

Nick Schoonover, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Fisher Bunnies

Dylan Baker, Fr. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Matthew Bohlmann, So. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Bryce Burke, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Dalton Burke, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Aaron Carter, Sr. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Becca Clanton, So. (VB, BKB, SB)

Simon Corley, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Tanner Diorio, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Brittney Enos, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Karissa Fredrickson, So. (VB, BKB, SB)

Nick Griffith, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Eli Henderson, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Zeke Henderson, Fr. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Cory Hicks, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Jacob Horsch, So. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Tanner Liestman, Jr. (SOC, FB, BKB, TF)

Tyler Martin, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Dakota Matthews, Fr. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Kellen May, Fr.  (GLF, BKB, TF)

Lexie May, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Shelbee Owens, Fr. (CHEER, VB, SB)

Drayton Purvis, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Conrad Thomas, Sr. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Kade Thomas, So. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Lane Williams, Sr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Judah Christian Tribe

Allison Conway, Jr. (XC, BKB, SOC)

Brandon Hamilton, Sr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Sam Harris, Jr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

David Johnson, Sr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Josalyn Martinez, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Michelle Miller, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Sarah Perkinson, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Mahomet-Seymour Bulldogs

Clayton Bell, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Ethan Carlson, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Lucas Chittick, Fr. (XC, WRE, TF)

Joseph Churm, So. (XC, SWIM, TF)

Cassidi Collins, So. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Hunter Crowley, Jr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Ryan Emmerd, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Dawson Finch, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Nathan Girouard, Sr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Charlie Grant, So. (XC, BKB, BASE)

Cory Haberman, Fr. (SOC, WRE, TF)

Nicholas Hellmer, Sr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Dana Herman, Jr. (TEN, SWIM, SB)

Jacob Hillman, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Joshua Johnson, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Tom Kenney, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Kyle Kinney, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Erin Lenschow, So. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Ross Mansfield, Sr. (FB, SWIM, TF)

Mason McAnally, Sr. (XC, SWIM, TF)

Jack McHale, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Morrie Mendenhall, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Scott Metzger, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Luke Myers, Jr. (SOC, FB, TF)

Daunte Roberts, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Rachel Stevens, Sr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Jack Vaughn, So. (FB, WRE, TF)

Luke Vaughn, Jr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Jordan Veldman, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Adam VonHolten, Fr. (XC, SWIM, TF)

Milford Bearcats

Jordan Fritch, So. (BKB, SB, CHEER)

Lindsey Leitz, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Shayne McNally, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Emma Morts, Fr. (BKB, TF, CHEER)

Zach Tovey, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Monticello Sages

David Alexander, Fr. (XC, BKB, TF)

Asher Bradd, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Alek Bundy, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jacob Burton, Sr. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Johnny Dawson, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Isiah Florey, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Kayleigh Hall, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Nathan Harman, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Sophie Morrison, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Zanna Myers, So. (VB, BKB, TF)

Cole Reedy, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Hannah Smith, Sr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Braden Snyder, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jack Spence, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Tyus Welter, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)
Brandon Wildman, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Oakwood Comets

Shaina Andrews, Sr. (XC, BKB, CHEER, TF)

Kelsey Blackford, So. (VB, BKB, SB)

Skylar Bolton, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Antonio Carrion, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Hank Chesnut, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Landon Crowder, Fr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Kelby Deck, Sr. (FB, BKB, CHEER, TF)

Paiton Frerichs, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Makayla Gayler, Sr. (VB, BKB, CHEER, TF)

Bri Hafner, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Cody Hansbraugh, Fr. (FB, WRE, TF)

Haven Harrison, Fr. (FB, CHEER, BKB, TF)

Andy Hohn, Fr. (XC, BKB, BASE)

Kylie Neuman, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Hunter Phelps, Jr. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Noah Ruch, Fr. (XC, BKB, BASE)

Kayla Thompson, Jr. (FB, CHEER, BASE, SB)

Lucas Vasquez, Jr. (XC, WRE, TF)

Chase Vinson, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Ridgeview Mustangs

Caleb Hays, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Mitchell Hoffmann, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Carissa Tinsley, Sr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Mya Tinsley, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Carley Zimmerman, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

St. Thomas More Sabers

Thomas Anderson, Fr. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Michael Behrensmeyer, Sr. (SOC, TEN, GLF)

Alec Blomberg, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Emma Blomberg, So. (TEN, BKB, SOC)

Kaia Bowen, So. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Kayla Branden, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Nick Fruehling, So. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Jon Gibas, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

David Horn, Sr. (XC, BKB, TF)

Nakaya Hughes, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Bob Kapolnek, Fr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Mike Lamb, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Abigayle Leibach, Fr. (GLF, BKB, SOC)

Haley Love, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Dominic Mangrini, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Riley Morris, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Kennedy Record, Fr. (TEN, BKB, SB)

Jake Sellett, So. (SOC, BKB, TEN)

Hannah Shields, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Justin To, Fr. (FB, BKB, SWIM)

Tuscola Warriors

Nick Bates, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE, TF)

Urbana Tigers

Polycarp Amosun, So. (WRE, SOC, TF)

Jayna Anderson, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Jaida Barbee, So. (VB, CHEER, TF)

Payton Borich, Fr. (XC, BKB, TF)

Shyanee Bufford, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Shelby Burgin, Jr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Jaimin Carter, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Justice Carter, So. (XC, BKB, TF)

Lanaeja Carter, Fr. (VB, CHEER, TF)

Alexis Davis, So. (VB, WRE, TF)

Kyartan Earvin, Fr. (CHEER, BKB, TF)

Alexandra Hentges, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Dontez Hobbs, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Felix Imbanga, Sr. (FB, WRE, TF)

LaDarol Lipscomb, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Joshua Marshall, So. (FB, CHEER, TF)

Kiara Moses, Sr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

David Owen, Jr. (XC, SOC, TF)

Jeremy Rumsey, So. (FB, WRE, BASE)

Naakaii Smith, Fr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Steven Thompson, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Erin Wright, Fr. (TEN, BKB, SB)

Urbana Uni High Illineks

Chris Bauer, Sr. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Callie Bruce, Jr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Kaden Canales, So. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Paul D’Angelo, So. (SOC, BKB, TF)

Dong-Ha Son, Sr. (XC, BKB, TF)

Tori Kindratenko, Fr. (SWIM, BKB, SOC)

Pranav Pamidighantam, Sr. (SOC, BKB, TEN)

Gloria Sunderland, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOC)

Villa Grove Blue Devils

Tanner Bergner, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Taylor Buesing, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Alana Campbell, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB, TF)

Ashley Fulk, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Chelsea Harrison, Fr. (VB, DAN, SB)

Austin Hopkins, So. (XC, BKB, TF)

Courtney Howard, So. (VB, DAN, SB)

Emma Johns, Sr. (VB, DAN, SB)

Kaylee Knell, Fr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Hunter Orwick, Jr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Taylor Risken, Fr. (VB, DAN, SB)

Jessica Rose, So. (VB, DAN, SB)

Sophia Wegeng, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Watseka Warriors

Kennedy Bauer, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Madison Bauer, Jr. (VB, BKB, SB)

Emily Bunting, So. (VB, BKB, TF)

Summer Cramer, So. (GLF, BKB, SOFT)

Cole Davenport, Sr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Jaden Downs, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Mallory Drake, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Jack Fegan, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Brendan Fletcher, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Kyle Giroux, Sr. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Drew Hagen, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Magan Harris, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Matt Hodolitz, Sr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jena Horchem, Fr. (TEN, CHEER, TF)

Reese Inman, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Joe Jaskula, So. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Haylee Ketchum, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Hunter Lee, So. (FB, BKB, TF)

Ben Lyznicki, Fr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Will Lyznicki, Sr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Justin McTaggart, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Kate Norder, So. (SOC, BKB, SOFT)

Grace Pavlak, Jr. (TEN, CHEER, TF)

Cassie Peters, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Anthony Quinn, Fr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Jake Schippert, Sr. (SOC, BKB, BASE)

Nathan Schroeder, Jr. (GLF, BKB, TF)

Courtney Thompson, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Tim Wright, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Westville Tigers

Aiyana Austin, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Brady Crain, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Olivia Douglas, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Morgan Gallion, Sr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Anthony Gass, Jr. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Emily Jordan, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Trent Maxwell, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Nick Pinter, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Mariah Rolinitis, Sr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Alec Schaumburg, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)

Jasman Severado, Fr. (VB, BKB, TF)

Ladavion Severado, Jr. (FB, BKB, TF)

Emalee Smith, So. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Tyler Strako, Sr. (GLF, BKB, BASE)

Erin Toole, Fr. (VB, BKB, SOFT)

Garett Wright, Fr. (FB, BKB, BASE)


BASE = baseball; BKB = basketball; CHEER = cheerleading; DAN = competitive dance; FB = football; GLF = golf; SOC = soccer; SOFT = softball; SWIM = swimming and diving; TEN = tennis; TF = track and field; VB = volleyball; WRE = wrestling; XC = cross-country

Note: Those not listed on this graphic did not have their names submitted by their respective schools or were not interviewed for this story

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