Milan Cathedral
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Fighting Illini Fans,

This is Zach Griffith, junior on the Illini basketball team, checking in from Italy. The team arrived in Milan on Monday morning at 9 a.m. local time, which was about 2 a.m. CST.

If you’ve never experienced a significant time change like myself, jet lag is a very real thing and can catch up to you quick. Especially after flying on a plane with at least seven unhappy babies on board.

After a brief drive to our hotel from the airport, players split off to grab lunch before check-in started at 2 p.m. local time. One group checked out a local pizzeria called Pina that faced up against the Milan Cathedral, offering an incredible view for our first meal in Italy. The pizza was terrific!

After lunch, a nap was inevitable for many players prior to heading back out to explore and grab dinner before calling it a night. Tuckering in for the night. Make sure to follow@IlliniMBB on social media for daily updates of our trip!