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Jeff D'Alessio



Jeff D'Alessio is editor of The News-Gazette. His email is

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Featured in Part 8 of our continuing Community Conversation on gun violence: Hedge Road resident, single mom and Champaign County Board District 6 representative Samantha Carter, who has lived in Garden Hills since 2013.

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This week's panelists: Al Allison, Dr. Anita Ung, Scott Davis, Dr. Lisa Liggins-Chambers, Brandon McFarland, Samantha Carter, Dorothy David, Marci Adelston-Schafer, Hub and Stephanie Burnett, Katherine Thompson, Dominique Johnson, Greg Stock, Michael LaDue, Demario Turner, Anthony Figueroa, Brad Passalacqua, Tim Turner and Bob Iverson.

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University of Illinois alum Russ Wigginton, president of the Memphis-based National Civil Rights Museum, headlines an all-star panel of fans and followers sharing insights about the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

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“My parents came to America from South Korea with literally nothing. They had no money, didn’t speak English and had no college degree, plus were in a foreign land. But they worked extremely hard to create a new life, where they started their own business and gave everything and sacrificed much so my sister and I could have a good life.”

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Among our Part 7 panelists: Centennial's Sylvie Leyerle, Jake Cox, Montez DuBose and Ellison Radek; Central's Lucy Moss; Danville's Kedzie Griffin; law enforcement's Kurt Buckley, Curt Apperson, Geoff Coon and Kyle O'Brien; Rev. Thomas Miller; Stephanie Burnett; Kim Norton; Ruby Mendenhall and Evette Campbell.

After 669 days, five virus variants of concern and 24 J.B. Pritzker executive orders, we now know better than to ask an epidemiologist to make…

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