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Tracy Crane is a Danville-based reporter for The News-Gazette. Her email is

In this week's edition: The grown-up edition of the Vermilion County Conservation District’s Outdoor School; bobcat hunting permits; and deer archery permits.

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The Vermilion Heritage Foundation’s board of directors announced Friday the hiring of Jason Rome, who majored in music at Millikin University, where he was a manager at the Kirkland Fine Arts Center. He later moved into the finance world and has been involved extensively in the community, serving on the boards of several local organizations.

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The Fithian-area farmer who was appointed to the 104th Illinois House District seat a year ago and won election to it in November announced Thursday that he will file in November to run for re-election as a state representative so he can have more time with his family and help out with the family farm.

In this week's edition: The end of restoration of the banks of the Vermilion River near where a lowhead dam was removed in Danville is in sight; the beginning of waterfowl hunting season; and a planned nature preserve hike in Vermilion County.

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