• 49:50

Scott Beatty and Matt Daniels host the Wednesday edition looking ahead to the Illini vs. Northwestern basketball game. Guest Brian Bennett of The Athletic surveys the national landscape. Plus, hear from Illini baseball coach Dan Hartleb.

  • 1:20:53

02-26-20 Penny for Your Thoughts. Brian Barnhart with a Penny open line. Guest Lisa Wilson from The Refugee Center in Champaign. Jim Dey of The News-Gazette joins in hour two.

  • 51:29

02-25-20 On The Money. On this episode, host Paul Ruedi returns and discusses the Coronavirus, the economy, Warren Buffett's CNBC interview, and international diversification with David Ruedi, Ryan Repko, and Dr. Fred Giertz.

Penny for Your Thoughts

Brian Barnhart hosts guests from our community and takes your calls on a wide variety of current affairs topics.

Dave Gentry talks with various interesting people from around the state.

The News-Gazette sports writers talk sports and answer your questions every Monday at 5:10 PM. Select shows come to you live from The Esquire in Downtown Champaign.

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