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WDWS Shows

DWS Morning Show (weekdays 5 - 9 a.m.)

Dave Gentry and C.W. Greer host a lively look at the topics of the day with regular updates of news, sports, markets and weather. Plus, they regularly interview local news makers. From 5 - 6:30, Dave focuses on agriculture news and business. C.W. delivers sports updates, while producer Blake Landa also joins the fun. Local news is anchored by Mary-Lynn Foster, and CBS News Radio keeps you updated with the national outlook. Every day at 8:15 a.m., you have chance to win in American Trivia.

Penny for Your Thoughts (weekdays 9 - 11 a.m.)

A long-standing radio program unlike any other. Brian Barnhart hosts a two-hour program that gives the community a place to discuss about almost anything. Brian welcomes listener calls, texts and emails, often about the hottest topics of the day. He also chats with notable community members and journalists. On Mondays during the Illini sports season, veteran sportswriter Loren Tate joins Brian for "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" with a look back at the weekend in sports. On the last Friday of each month, listeners can reminisce with Brian on "Flashback Friday."

SportsTalk with Scott Beatty (weekdays 4-6 p.m.)

Scott Beatty hosts a daily two-hour look at the latest in sports, mostly focused on the Illini. Veteran sportswriter and broadcaster Loren Tate and Evan Conn join as co-hosts. A variety of guests join the program, and the News-Gazette sportswriters make regular appearances, along with Illini coaches and players. On Mondays at 5 p.m., the News-Gazette sportswriters take center stage with host Steve Kelly. During the Illini sports season, they are live at The Esquire in downtown Champaign.

Plant Experts Live from Prairie Gardens (Saturdays 8:15 - 9 a.m.)

Host Tamera McDaniel and the team of plant experts from Prairie Gardens provide tips, tricks, and tools for gardeners of all types, airing live at the Prairie Gardens store in Champaign. They welcome listeners' calls and texts with gardening questions.

Illini Pella Saturday SportsTalk (Saturdays 9 - 11 a.m.)

It's downstate Illinois' longest running sports radio program. Hosts Steve Kelly and Loren Tate have in-depth conversations about Illini athletics and beyond with notable guests. On days when Illini football or basketball has an 11 a.m. start, the program slides to an 8 a.m. start.

UI Army ROTC Prep Hoops Confidential (Mondays, 6 - 7 p.m.)

News-Gazette preps coordinator and sportswriter Colin Likas hosts an hour-long look at area high school football and basketball. News-Gazette VP Jim Rossow joins in as well. They chat with coaches and players, while highlight special teams and players each week.

Ryan Dallas Real Estate Pregame Show (two hours before Illini football and basketball)

Scott Beatty and company prepare you for the day's Illini football and basketball game with an in-depth preview of the contest. Hear from players, coaches, and experts with their insights. Loren Tate joins as a co-host for basketball, and Illini experts Michael Martin (football) and Mike LaTulip (basketball) weigh in also, plus media members covering the teams.

Fasteners Etc. Postgame Show (after Illini football and basketball)

A very popular outlet for Illini fans, Scott Beatty and Evan Conn host a program dedicated to fan reaction to the game with their calls and texts. Scott & Evan offer their insight and air the key plays of the game.

Standard Time with Ann Rhoton (Sundays 6-10 a.m.)

Ann hosts a block of music that takes listeners back in time, playing the best popular tunes of 1940s, '50s, 60s and 70s. Plus, she welcomes community guests and keeps you up to date with news, sports and weather.

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